Nailing the Negative

Showing a little skin can be flirty and sexy these days and the nail world is following suit. The Nagative Nails trend has taken the nail world by storm and we are in love! The negative space in the nail creates a line between a full out mani and bare nails.

negative nails

Here are a few of our favorite designs that incorporate the negative nail look! As you can see this design can be combined with geometric shapes, solid polishes, and crazy patterns. We have seen the negative nail trend take the stage at New York Fashion Week as well, so you know it will be hitting every nail salon very soon! Below is a list of our 8 favorite designs!

  1. Pastel linear pattern by A Little Polish is girly and fun with a little edge
  2. Funky geometric shapes by So Nailicious gives a grayscale mani some flair
  3. Haus of Lacquer rocks the negative space on a set of almond shaped nails
  4. Abstract patterned deep V by Chalkboard Nails is super funky and unique
  5. A discreet squiggle by Style Bistro screams trendy chic
  6. One Nail to Rule them All free hands daisies with a negative nail background
  7. @nailsandpolkadots frames a bare nail with four fun polishes
  8. Deep red polish combined with a negative nail on Lulu’s Blog is perfect for fall

DIY Negative Nails

Try the Negative Nail look on your own by using scotch tape or free hand! Here is a great video tutorial that shows a simple negative nail design using two polish colors and some skinny tape!

Love this look as much as us? Use a polish from our Scream Supreme collection and show us your negative nail art on Twitter or Instagram!

Stay Lovely XO



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